Dangers Faced By Construction Site Workers

One of the most hazardous and accident-prone working environments is the construction site. Everyday construction workers are exposed to excessive construction site dangers that could result in injury or even death. Construction companies can prevent this from happening if they are familiar and they know how to identify all these potential dangers. At the same time, construction workers must be aware of their susceptibility to any harm or injury in their workplace.

Here are some of the common construction site hazards each and every construction worker should be aware of:

1) Excavation and trenching have been considered as the most hazardous construction site operation. A great number of construction workers usually figure out in trenching and cave-in accidents every year. These types of hazards can be prevented or reduced if both employee and employer will comply with safety standards and use protective gears while excavating and trenching.

2) One of the greatest dangers to people whether at home or at work is electricity. People who work continuously with electricity, such as electricians, electrical engineers, and power line workers, are exposed to this kind of hazard every day. Power line workers can prevent this type of hazard by staying at a safe distance away from the power lines while working. Other precautionary measures that can help prevent electrical hazards from injuring construction workers is by guarding and insulating the construction vehicles and equipment they use for work.

3) Stairways and ladders are the leading causes of injuries and fatalities in construction sites. Most injuries are related to falling off from ladders and stairways being used in construction sites which are often quite serious to make a worker out on sick leave. These types of accidents and injuries can be avoided if both employee and employers take IOSH (Institute of Occupational Safety & Health) trainings, which can gear up the safety and security of both.

4) Falling from high places, like scaffolding, ladder, and roofs, comprises more than 50% of those accidents that take place at the workplace.  Slipping, tripping, and using unstable ladders are some of the usual causes of these accidents. To prevent this from happening, employers need to have fall protection equipment at their workplace while their workers should know how to use them properly. The workers must also be trained to evaluate and identify fall hazards and to know how forestall them.

5) Approximately sixty workers die every year by falling from scaffolding. Scaffold failure caused by damage of its parts, moving scaffold parts, loss of the load, being hit by suspended materials, improper set-up, and electrical shock are just some of the common reasons why workers fall off from scaffoldings. Such serious injuries can be avoided if only workers will follow all the standards set by OSHA.

6) Around 100 construction site workers die every year because of heavy construction equipment accidents like workers crushed by falling equipment from buckets, backhoes, and other moving construction vehicles, operators injured by equipment rollovers, ground workers hit by a vehicle that is backing up or changing directions, and mechanics crushed because of malfunctioning brakes. To avoid this kind of construction accidents, workers must learn to adhere to all construction safety guidelines set by the company.

Construction site dangers faced by workers every day are definitely unavoidable but may be prevented if they know how to identify those potential dangers present at their workplace. Employers, on the other hand, need to establish their company’s safety standards making sure it meets the maximum requirements of OSHA. By doing all these, both the employees and the employers are going to be assured that their workplace will have a safe working environment during their operating hours.

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